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Master Affiliate

  • Enjoy optimal health through optimal nutrition.

  • Enjoy Reliv Products


  • 10% Discount with a $10 annual fee

  • Enjoy Reliv Products


  • 10% Discount with a $40 annual fee


  • Earn retail profits

  • Accumulate $750 in lifetime volume and sponsor one person you qualify for 25% off


  • Order products at a 25% - 35% off


  • Earn wholesale profits


  • A Great place to start


  • Reliv Super Pack

  • Earn maximum retail profit


  • Earn Maximum wholesale profit


  • Earn bonuses and trips


  • Generate overrides and build a residual income



  • Become a Reliv Distributor


  • Achieve Master Affiliate qualifying volume (5,000 PGPV) in a claendar month


  • Submit qualification materials including your Master Affiliate Application to Reliv via mail or fax, or simply call 1-800-RELIV US (800.735.4887)




  • Contact me and I will be glad to walk you through the process. 


  • I look forward to you becoming my newest business partner.

(You will be taken to a secure site for all your purchases and any transactions)

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